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Need a different selection of consumables and accessories for your J-2
™? The kit above is just one possibility; we’re
happy to customize a kit to suit the individual needs of your casting processes! Call us today to create your kit.
V.I.C.™ 12 Casting System
This V.I.C.™ 12 casting system provides a complete
casting workshop with everything you need for
casting solid or perforated flasks (except a torch or
melting furnace). This upgradable system includes
the tabletop V.I.C. 12 casting machine, a standard
burnout oven and the Rio Assistant™. See page 553
for complete details.
Please Note:
Do not leave
this kiln at top temperature for an extended period
of time; monitor it closely and adjust when your
desired set-point is reached. This unit does not
feature a temperature limit switch.
Neutec™ J-2
™ Casting Shop
Upgrade System
This comprehensive shop upgrade system
includes the J-2
™ machine and all the
accessories and consumables you need
to make high-quality castings.
™ casting machine (see page 558)
Rio vacuum wax injector system; 110 volts
Vac-U-Vest™ 5-25, 220 volts
3cfm vacuum pump; 110 volts
7cfm vacuum pump; 110 volts
Programmable oven; 240 volts
R&R Ultra-Vest® investment,
45.4kg (100-lb.) drum
Nitrogen regulator, 0–100psi, single-stage
Five graphite crucibles; 8mm hole
Five graphite crucibles; 9.5mm hole
Six one-piece sealing rods; R-46 graphite
Crucible bottom gasket; pkg/6
Type-K thermocouple; 145mm
Teflon® metal dispenser
Woven gasket for 4" (102mm) flask; pkg/6
Set-up/instructional DVD; 24 minutes
Flask tongs for 4"-diameter flask
Metal investment scoop
3,000cc measuring pitcher
Hydro-Air wash gun
Non-asbestos gloves, 14"L; one pair
Stainless steel perforated flasks;
five 4" x 6" and four 4" x 9"
Universal treeing fixture
O-ring lubricant; 150-gram tube
Nine 4" (102mm) NeuSprue™ base assemblies
8" (178mm) NeuSprue™ for 9" flask; pkg/120
Joe’s New Injection Wax™ pink; two 5-lb. (2.3kg) pkgs
Shrink bands for 4" x 6" perforated flasks; pkg/100
Shrink bands for 4" x 10" perforated flasks; pkg/100
O-ring for 4"-diameter (102mm) flask; pkg/6
Ceramic crucible stand; pkg/3
Filling cone for J-2
™; pkg/2
Graphite stirring rods with holder, 7"L; pkg/10
Large investment scale; 11-lb. capacity
™ ball valve conversion kit
Basic Wax Injection Kit
This efficient, economical wax injection kit provides
everything you need to begin injecting wax molds.
See page 513 for complete details.
Joe’s New Injection Wax™ pink; 5 lbs.
Rio mini hand wax injector
Rio small mold clamp
Modeler’s™ silicone mold release spray
Wax Brite™ and swabs
Rio Benchmount™ II wax pen system and four pen tips
Equipment, supplies, tools:
everything you need to shoot
quality waxes in your shop.
The hand-plunger
wax pot in this
kit eliminates the
need to use an air
compressor for
shooting waxes.
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