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You get a high level of added value in every interaction with Rio, making your life easier and your business
that much more successful—not to mention that much more fun. Below are several of the many ways you
can reach out and get what you need for your business from your partners at Rio.
video views at:
See hundreds of videos
online, including product
demos, how-tos and
jewelry techniques.
followers at:
Follow industry news, daily metal
markets and reviews, and leave
questions or
From product know-how to
special orders and more, sales
associates ensure you find just
what you need.
Turn precious metal
scrap back into cash or
into Rio account credit
—it’s easy and it serves
your bottom line.
Sales Associates
markets hotline
Metal markets posted for
you daily—on the website,
by phone, and through
social media, too.
Wondering if we got your
return or where your
replacement item is? Email
directly to returns and have
your answer fast.
Returns Help
If you have the perfect gemstone
in mind and don't see it here,
our expert gemologists will find
that gemstone for you.
Join a community
of fellow jewelry-makers,
speak your mind, read and
leave comments, enter
contests, and follow
what’s new.
Operate a business outside
the U.S., or run a school or
other institution? Your
specific and specialized
needs get the attention they
deserve from a team that
focuses on nothing else to
ensure you get what you
800 . 253 . 9738
505 . 839 . 3011
Got a question about your open
account? Let us know and we'll
get your answers.
Accounts Receivable
Read—and post—reviews on
Rio as a whole or on the
products we carry to make your
best buying decision—other
jewelers appreciate your
opinion, too!
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