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See page 8 for kits to get you started. The complete
™ Shop Upgrade kit includes a J-2
casting machine plus all
the consumables, accessories and other equipment you need to
begin casting. Call us today for a complete setup!
Series IV Resistance-Heated Vacuum Casting Machine
Casting Machine
Absolutely the easiest casting system to set up, use and maintain,
the J-2
™ delivers quality castings and outstanding operational reliability.
Manufactured in the USA using the highest-quality components available.
Easy installation and simple operation
Fast cycle times—be ready to cast again 6–8 minutes after each pour,
keeping your production moving all day long
Advanced technology graphite crucible system—helps remove
oxides from the metal without the risk of carbon inclusions
Includes an adapter ring for 4" perforated flasks and a one-piece R-46
graphite sealing rod
CE certified; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on machine parts and labor
120 lbs. (54kg)
Shipping weight:
249 lbs. (113kg)
Item #
Crucible capacity:
1,004g 14K; 780g sterling
Perf. flask capacity:
4" x 9" perforated
Normal cycle time:
6–8 minutes
Max. temperature:
18"W x 18"D x 32"H
220 volts, 15 amp., single-phase
Perfect for jewelry designers or small manufacturing shops—delivering the technology, control and reliability
you need to produce quality castings time after time.
Roomy flask chamber
accommodates flasks from 2½"–4" diameter and up to
9" high. It swivels completely out from under the crucible chamber, making it easy
to insert and remove flasks or to service the machine.
Controlled, inert-gas atmosphere
throughout the crucible and flask chambers
ensures oxide-free casting.
60mm graphite crucible
helps remove oxides from the metal without carbon
contamination. It easily accommodates enough metal for large flasks yet also melts
small loads efficiently.
Built-in stirring rod
ensures a homogeneous melt without having to open the unit.
Temperature is maintained and the controlled atmosphere remains intact.
Easy-read vacuum gauge and handle
provide at-a-glance monitoring and
adjustment of vacuum pressure.
Thermocouple is centered
in the sealing rod to provide fast, accurate
temperature readings.
Digital temperature control
produces accuracy you can see.
Easy-squeeze lever
lifts the sealing rod to release the metal directly into the flask.
Metal introduction door
allows quick loading of the crucible.
Resistance coil
surrounds the crucible for maximum heat transfer and fast,
effective melting.
Space-saving 18" x 18" footprint
fits easily into any shop.
Rugged, durable construction
stands up to even the most demanding small shop.
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