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The button portion of the NeuSprue® sprue is
designed to reduce metal usage while efficiently
supplying the needed reservoir of molten metal
during the solidification process. The actual solid
button area will be only
-full of metal.
If you need to specifically control the end button
size, subtract nine grams from the overall weight
of your NeuSprue® tree (this leaves zero tolerance
for the button). Then simply add back the weight
(in grams) that you want your final button to be.
Control Metal In
Why use the NeuSprue® sprue and base system?
Because every inch delivers profit-increasing benefits in any casting operation, no matter how you cast!
Tapered sprue body
Continuing angled slope
minimizes turbulence all
the way to the top of the tree
Gradually widening sprue
enhances the progressive
solidification of metal
during and after pouring
Special NeuSprue® wax formula
Reliably holds its shape through the
treeing process
Burns out cleanly and completely,
for smooth and crisp patterns
Produces higher quality castings (wax
will not absorb into investment, ensuring
cleaner surfaces)
Specially designed tip
Specially designed tip sets
up a swirling action,
minimizing turbulence
Rounded interior surface
prevents the splash
that a flat, squared-off
tip causes
Two-piece screw-on base assembly
Secures the threaded sprue to the base,
eliminating the risk of floating trees in
the investment process
Creates a fresh connection every time,
preventing air from getting trapped
between sprue and base
Makes treeing easier; use with the
NeuSprue® universal tree fixture (facing
Stress-free lift-off removal of the base:
1) protects the integrity of the wax tree
and patterns
2) prevents chipping or crumbling of
reservoir area, keeping investment
debris out of patterns
Tapered, built-in button
Smaller size minimizes metal in process
Allows you to control the amount of metal
in process (see tip below) because the
button is part of the sprue itself, not
part of the base
Significantly reduces turbulence and
enhances a quicker fill with its smoothly
angled slope rather than traditional
parabolic bowl-shaped button
For a one-man show or a
cast of thousands, NeuSprue®
delivers a lead performance—
every time you cast!
NeuSprue® is formulated
for clean and complete burnout!
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