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Metalsmith’s Kit
This all-inclusive kit provides everything you need for
your metal-forming work, including hammers, a dapping
set, files, saw blades and more! Includes
The Complete
Metalsmith, Professional Edition
to guide you in your work.
Jeweler’s Basic Hand-Tool Kit
This hand-tool kit delivers the quality
tools and supplies you need to make
jewelry. Complete with files, hammers,
pliers and cutters, sanding accessories
and more, this handy kit has all the
hand-held essentials. Includes a
convenient tool box.
Laser Blades™ saw blades: one
dozen each of 2/0, 3/0, 4/0
Jeweler’s saw frame; 5"
Swanstrom pliers and cutters set
(flat, round and chain-nose pliers)
German light-duty, straight-blade
Compound diagonal cutters
6-oz. rawhide mallet
4-oz. chasing hammer
1-oz. riveting hammer
Steel tapered ring mandrel
without grooves
Steel center punch; pkg/3
Finger gauge set (sizes 1–15)
F. Dick #2 hand files: flat, square,
half-round and barrette
F. Dick #3 needle files: equalling,
three-square, half-round, round,
square and barrette
Nylon needle file handle, reversible
Two dual-thread file handles;
sizes 4 and 5
Tweezers assortment
Two fiber-grip locking tweezers:
one straight, one curved
Bent burnisher; 1
Bezel roller and two pushers; set/3
Hardwood ring clamp
Bench vise
Bench pin and anvil
Swivel-head pin vise
Bench knife
German slim-leg divider; 4"
Double-end steel scribe
Ruler/bracelet gauge; pkg/10
Sliding pocket gauge
Bur-Life® sampler
3M sanding belts: 2 each of
220-, 320-, 400-, 600- and 1,200-grit
" sanding stick set with 120-,
240-, 320-, 400- and 600-grit belts
Polishing paper assortment
Sunshine® Cloth consumer tube
EasyEyes™ 4-in-1 magnifier
German slimline end cutters
Triplet loupe; 10X
Cantilever tool box
Jewelry Making for Schools,
Tradesmen, Craftsmen
The Complete Metalsmith,
Student Edition
4-oz. ball peen hammer
French 3-oz. riveting hammer
Peddinghaus 6-oz. planishing hammer
Peddinghaus 3
-oz. goldsmith hammer
4-oz. chasing hammer
6-oz. rawhide mallet
1 lb. brass mallet
Large double-horn anvil
Durston steel bench block; 4"W x 4"D x
Medium sandbag
Durston 21-punch dapping set (3–36mm)
Swanstrom disc cutter set (
" increments)
Swanstrom disc cutter center positioning dies
Stepped-oval bracelet mandrel with tang
Tapered ring mandrel without grooves; half-sizes 1–16
Clamp-on bench vise with 1
" jaws
Miter cutting jig
Tubing cutter jig
Wood ring clamp with wedge and leather-lined jaws
Divider with 4" legs
German brass sliding gauge; 0–80mm/0.1mm
Sheet and wire gauge
F. Dick five-piece hand file set; cut #2
F. Dick six-piece needle file set; cut #3
Nylon needle file handle; pkg/2
Adjustable 4" x 1" file handle
Plastic dual-thread file handle; pkg/3
German adjustable saw frame; 80mm
Laser Gold™ saw blades: one dozen each of 4/0,
3/0, 2/0, 1/0, 1
Bur-Life® lubricant stick
Bur-Life® bench mount
Bur-Life® liquid; 2 oz.
Fumasi shears
Safety glasses
Denim apron
The Complete Metalsmith
Professional Edition
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our Metal Forming section,
starting on page 105.
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