Rio Grande 2014 Tools and Equipment Catalog - page 472

DigitalWax® 028J+
Build dozens of models that your
customers can see, touch and hold in
their hands. Create master models for
your best-selling jewelry line. Or do
both jobs at the same time!
DigitalWax® 009J
An entry-level machine with a
smaller platform than the 008J that
builds faster, creating incredibly
detailed models—and so affordable,
you’ll wonder why you waited.
DigitalWax® 008J
An entry-level machine that allows
you to show three-dimensional,
hold-it-in-your-hand models, giving
customers a real feel for what the
nished piece will be—just the
thing for independent designers
and for retail businesses that
feature custom design.
Larger working
area for more or
bigger models!
Working area:
90 x 90 x 90mm
150 models/day
by Texas
Working area:
50 x 37 x 90mm
50 models/day
Working area:
65 x 65 x 90mm
10 models/day
What can rapid prototyping do for your jewelry production?
Put simply, anything your imagination can come up with!
Developed by Digital Wax Systems (DWS), this line of DigitalWax®
stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototype (RP) machines from Rio
Grande, allows you to produce precise, complex jewelry models—
especially designs that are impossible to mill, carve or fabricate
by traditional means. Then use the models to cast directly or to
create molds for casting or, with new IRIX® Digital Stone® resin,
to simply finish and sell. Create a single one-of-a-kind or custom
design to use as a demonstration sample for your high-end clients
or for retail stores interested in carrying your line. Or mass-produce
the pieces you've designed in short, highly profitable time frames,
ready to mold, to cast directly, or to simply finish and sell!
The DigitalWax® solid state BluEdge® laser technology delivers 3–4
times the detail as conventional red or infrared lasers. And, now,
innovative DLP® projection technology from Texas Instruments®
contributes to a very affordable model, the 009J, that achieves
similar resolution and good production levels without using a laser.
With the complete line of customizable models provided by DWS,
you can easily choose a DigitalWax RP machine that perfectly suits
the volume, complexity and production demands of your business,
giving you the freedom—and the ability—to:
• produce jewelry in high quantities or to produce several
different models simultaneously.
• create incredibly detailed and innovative designs.
• provide custom pieces for your customers unlike anything
they’ve seen before.
• build models faster and with far more precision and detail
than ever before.
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