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Select the Right Compound
Compounds provide essential lubrication and
carries out initial cut-downs,
removes firescale and
(used with steel and porcelain media) achieves
final polishing. The right compound is essential
to obtain the desired final finish. Replace the
solution after tumbling cycles.
Select a Machine
Choose equipment based on your volume and
variety of workpieces and on time constraints.
Rotary tumblers are inexpensive but tend to be
slow; vibratory tumblers are about twice as fast.
Centrifugal disc finishers offer quick cut-downs;
centrifugal barrel tumblers provide efficiency and
flexibility. And bigger may not be better: several
small machines may be your best bet.
Selecting the
Mass Finishing Solution
to Fit Your Needs
Select the Right Media
To keep the media from lodging into parts of your
piece, choose a size either smaller or larger than
your workpiece. Select a shape—pyramid,
cone, etc.—that can access all areas of your
workpiece (for example, cones cannot access small,
recessed areas; try pyramids instead). Decide what
degree of abrasive will achieve the desired finish.
Analyze the Workpiece
Consider the size and complexity of your piece.
A simple, as-cast band with no surface detail
can require the most abrasive type of media.
A cluster-mount needs media small enough
to fit into the settings without lodging in their
recesses. A stamped-out sheet metal earring
requires little pre-finish work and needs media
that are less rough.
medium cut
fine cut
Rio Mass Finishing Kit
Get everything you need for mass finishing a wide variety of jewelry
items—great for light production environments. This kit includes the
Finishing Techniques
instructional DVD to help you get the most out of your
mass-finishing operation. Order now and get started right away, the right way!
System includes:
Raytech AV-25SS vibratory finisher (202-170)
Clean-Cut™ plastic pyramid media, medium cut; 5 lbs. (339-441)
Clean-Cut™ plastic pyramid media, fine cut; 5 lbs. (339-443)
Sunsheen™ Gold and Silver deburring compound; 1 qt. (339-307)
Lortone heavy duty rotary tumbler; 110 volts (202-107)
Stainless steel shot, mixed; 10 lbs. (339-389)
Super Sunsheen™ burnishing compound; 1 qt. (339-394)
Flow-Thru system (202-127)
Mass Finishing Techniques
instructional DVD
Please Note:
220-volt finishers are available by special order.
Item #
Rio mass finishing kit
Item #
Tumble Finishing for Handmade Jewelry
Item #
Mass Finishing Techniques
the right start to a great finish!
Tumble Finishing for Handmade
, Fourth Edition, Book
Save money by using equipment more efficiently
and streamlining mass-finishing processes. This
book details basic equipment and supplies needed
and reviews the processes for achieving a desired
finish. Made in the USA.
Mass Finishing Techniques
This Rio Grande-produced DVD explains the four
main types of finishing systems: rotary barrel,
vibratory tumbler, centrifugal disc and centrifugal
barrel. See the advantages of each system and
follow the entire process of media and solution
selection. Determine exactly what each workpiece
requires and how to tailor a mass-finishing cycle to
satisfy those requirements. This video explains mass
finishing processes with step-by-step examples for
achieving optimum results. Made in the USA.
System includes these finishing media, instructional DVD and much more!
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