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tool kit
Jewelry Apprentice Tool Kit
This comprehensive tool kit provides
the quality tools and supplies you need
as you learn and practice the art of
jewelry making.
Foredom® SR/30/FCT flex shaft
Flex shaft stand
Bench pin and anvil
Adjustable saw frame; 80mm
Laser Gold™ saw blades: one dozen
each of 2/0, 3/0, 4/0
6-oz. rawhide mallet
9-oz. yellow plastic mallet
4-oz. chasing hammer
3-oz. French steel riveting hammer
5-oz. forming hammer
Swanstrom pliers (flat, round and
chain-nose) and cutters set
Compound diagonal cutters
German slimline end cutters
Prong-closing, stone-setting pliers
Pliers/tools rack
German light-duty, straight-blade
F. Dick #2 hand files: flat, square, half-
round, half-round ring and barrette
F. Dick #3 needle files: equalling
three-square, half-round, round,
square and barrette
Two dual-thread file handles
(sizes 4 and 5)
Collet-style, Comfort Grip file handle
File cleaning brush
Screwdrivers; set/9
Standard PanaVise®
Universal work holder with pegs
Inside/outside metal ring clamp
Bezel roller and two pushers; set/3
Burnisher set: two bent, one straight
Pin vise
Automatic center punch
Prong opener with PVC handle
German slim-leg divider; 4"
German sliding brass gauge
Sheet and wire gauge
K&B diamond/gemstone gauge
Digital caliper
Precision marking ruler w/pencil
Two fiber-grip locking tweezers:
one straight, one curved
Fine diamond tweezers, locking
Tweezers assortment
Steel tapered ring mandrel
without groove
Bracelet mandrel, round
Finger gauge set (sizes 1–15)
Steel bench block; 80 x 80 x 20mm
High-speed twist drills; set/12
Rio bur assortment; pkg/24
Bur-Life® sampler
Optivisor®; 2.5X
Triplet loupe; 10X
3M 8233 particulate respirator
Solaris safety glasses
Denim work apron
3M sanding belts: 2 each of
220-, 320-, 400-, 600- and 1,200-grit
" sanding stick set with 120-,
240-, 320-, 400- and 600-grit belts
3M radial bristle discs,
": 12 each
of 1µ, 220- and 400-grit
" screw mandrel,
" shank;
Alligator skin; 90-ft. rolls, pkg/4
Sunshine® Cloth consumer tube
The Jeweler’s Resource, Revised
The Complete Metalsmith
Jewelry Arts Student Kit
For decades, Rio Grande has partnered with schools
around the world to create tool kits specially designed
to meet the needs of jewelry students. This assortment
of frequently requested items is ideal for students who
are taking basic bench skills classes, or for new jewelers
who want to quickly pick the items they need to get their
careers off to a good start.
Bench pin and anvil
Jeweler’s saw frame; 4"
Laser Blades™ saw blades:
one dozen each of 4/0,
2 /0, 2
German straight,
light-duty shears
Stainless steel pliers set
Needle file set; cut #2
Utility tweezers; straight
with medium tip
High-speed steel twist
drills, #58; pkg/5
Handy® Flux; 8-oz. jar
Silver solder assortment
(includes extra-easy,
easy, medium and
hard solders)
Bur-Life® stick lubricant
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