Rio Grande 2014 Tools and Equipment Catalog - page 282

Prodigy™ Flex Shaft Handpiece
This key-type chuck-style handpiece holds many accessories and tools.
Fits most standard flex shaft motors with quick-attach shafts. See burs on
pages 311–337 and polishing wheels starting on page 338. Made in China.
Item #
Prodigy™ flex shaft handpiece
Prodigy™ Flex Shaft System
Prodigy™ flex shafts are very affordable and extremely well built—ideal for
general purpose use or jewelers stocking their first bench. The Prodigy is easy
to set up and use; it holds a wide variety of attachments and tools (including
the Wolf™ belt sander, page 298) and is compatible with most handpieces.
Use the Prodigy for polishing, grinding, cutting, texturing, drilling, carving,
wax work, stone-setting and more.
hp ball bearing 20,000rpmmotor
electronic foot control with plastic housing
key-type chuck (holds shanks up to
" or 4mm in diameter)
Prodigy™ key-type handpiece (also available separately); fits most standard
flex shaft motors with quick-attach shafts
Made in China.
Item #
Prodigy™ flex shaft system 2.6 amps
Prodigy™ Flex Shaft Set-Up Kit
This kit includes the tools, accessories and supplies you need to set up and
begin using your Prodigy™ flex shaft.
Prodigy™ flex shaft system with Prodigy key-type chuck-style handpiece
Comfort handle chuck key
Flex shaft Swing-Away™ motor stand; 42"
3M dust/mist and fume respirator (8233 N100)
Bur-Life® lubricant with base and four cartridges
35-piece flex shaft accessory kit
Making the Most of Your Flex-Shaft
Hard felt buffs, mounted shapes; pkg/8
Sunsheen™ rouge: red (16 oz.), green (16 oz.), white (11 oz.)
" radial bristle discs; 12 each of 1µ-, 220-, 400-grit
"-shank screw mandrel with
" screw; pkg/6
" high-speed twist drills; set/12
Rio steel burs assortment; set/24
3M Viper™ safety glasses
Alligator Skin®, 90-ft roll; pkg/4
Muslin buff,
" dia.; pkg/12
Deluxe rotating bur holder
Sunshine® Cloth
Item #
Prodigy™ flex shaft set-up kit
Prodigy™ Flex Shaft Maintenance Kit
This maintenance kit includes a shaft, a sheath and a set of brushes.
Please Note:
Lubricant is required for proper maintenance. Made in China.
Item #
Prodigy™ maintenance kit
One of the tools new jewelers covet most is a flex shaft. Compared
to more traditional hand tools, a flex shaft drastically reduces the
time and effort needed to complete bench tasks and allows you to
focus on creativity. Despite these benefits, a quality flex shaft can
consume a large portion of your set-up costs as you begin building
your business. Maybe you thought you’d put off owning a flex shaft?
Thanks to Prodigy™, you don’t have to.
Prodigy™ flex
shaft system
(includes motor,
foot control,
handpiece and
chuck key)
Prodigy™ handpiece
(included with item A)
Item A includes a comfort
handle key chuck.
The maintenance kit includes
a shaft; lubricant is required,
see page 288.
See our comprehensive
selection of burs on pages 311–337
and a wide variety of
wheels and polishers starting
on page 338.
See more money-saving starter
and set-up kits on pages 4–17.
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