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Did you know? In so many ways, Rio is here for you.
Rio Is at Your Service.
At Rio, along with a fair price and convenience, you get all the intangibles, too;
intangibles, just like those below, that lend added value to every interaction, showing you that you’re
more than a customer number to us, making your business that much more fun—and successful.
Ordering Services
Get what you need, when you need it,
where you need it, and how you need it.
Rewards Programs
Get even more out of every dollar to put into your success.
Class is always in session for you to brush up,
branch out, keep growing.
Social Responsibility
Work with partners who care as much as you do
about respecting both people and our natural resources.
Events & Trade Shows
See the latest ideas, share the most innovative ideas,
build networks with Rio partners and colleagues.
Custom Services
Present your products and services to your customers
in a way that keeps you top of mind today and tomorrow.
A partner who is always with you:
email anytime; live-chat or call 7 a.m.–6 p.m. MT, M–F.
Customer Service
Quality-made. Fairly priced. Consistently in-stock.
More than 30,000 now and adding new items every week.
Useful, educational, technical, professional, applicable,
motivational information—all free for you to use.
Content at No Cost
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