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For five generations, Swanstrom has been manufacturing
high-quality tools, first in Duluth, Minnesota and now at their
state-of-the-art facility in Superior, Wisconsin. Eddie Bell, one of
Rio Grande's directors, spotted Swanstrom tools at an electronics
trade show in the late '80s. Recognizing their quality craftmanship,
he made the trip to Wisconsin to inquire about bringing Swanstrom
tools to the jewelry industry. There Eddie and Jack Swanstrom forged
a partnership between the two companies that has lasted more than
20 years (and brought jewelers many of their favorite tools!).
Today, a handful of Swanstrom employees, led by tool-making
maverick Tim Sheriff, is devoted solely to crafting Rio's exclusive line
of Swanstrom jewelry-making tools. From specialty pliers and cutters
to the beloved disc cutters, our Swanstrom products are designed by
jewelers for jewelers.
With normal use, Swanstrom tools are virtually unbreakable.
They use the finest materials available to create the most durable
tools you can buy. Forged and machine-hardened high-carbon,
high-chrome alloy steel with an anti-glare finish, and Soft-Touch™
ergonomic handles make Swanstrom pliers and cutters a superior
choice for your bench.
Swanstrom products are among our bestselling tools because each
and every one is precision-made, efficient and effective, and
comfortable to use. They simply make jewelers' lives easier.
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I bought these well-crafted pliers to use
instead of the cheaper, heavier, clunky ones
I have been using. What a relief on my hands!
The smooth action, light weight and padded
handles combine to make this an excellent tool.
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Swanstrom's headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin
From specialty forming pliers to precision disc cutters, Swanstrom has made it their
mission to bring you innovative bench tools you can depend on day in and day out.
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