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Step 2:
Squeeze the pliers
to stretch the wire ring into a
new shape.
Step 1:
Push the steel pegs into
the holes (in any configuration
you want!), then place a wire ring
around the pegs.
Swanstrom Parallel-Action Bail-Forming Pliers
Use these innovative, patented pliers to create jump rings, S-hook clasps, loops,
bails and more for any project you may have. Their parallel-action design ensures
that your wire is gripped securely; bronze jaws help reduce potential marring of your
metal. The pliers include five interchangeable jaws (2.5, 3, 5, 7, 8.5) that allow you
to make findings of just about any size. The fixed lower jaw is 9.5mm in diameter.
Made in the USA.
Item #
Swanstrom Link-Forming Pliers
Use these innovative pliers to create a variety of link shapes for your jewelry designs. The pliers
come with a steel jig, an undrilled Delrin jig, a drill bit, an Allen wrench and 16 steel pegs of
varying diameters; place a soldered wire ring (make your own or choose one ready-made on
page 25) around the pegs. Squeeze the pliers to stretch the ring into its new shape. Includes a
jig for arranging the pegs in different configurations to create customized shapes. Drill your
own holes into the undrilled Delrin® jig to create even more customized shapes.
Please Note:
This tool cannot be used with cast rings. Made in the USA.
Item #
earrings by
Tim Sheriff
Great for forming ear wires, too!
Swanstrom Wire-Working Kit
This kit includes all three of Swanstrom’s popular
wire-shaping pliers: the ear-wire forming pliers, the
spiral-forming pliers and the small wire-looping
pliers. The wire-looping pliers include an extra hex
nut, a hex wrench, a Torx® wrench to tighten jaws
and an Allen wrench to adjust the width between
jaws. The kit also includes a small accessory set for
the wire-looping pliers; accessories include four pins
(1.5, 2.5, 3 and 4mm) and a spiral plate for making
small spiral components. Made in the USA.
Item #
earrings made with
the wire-working kit
tool ki ts
wi re-working pl iers
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