Rio Grande 2014 Tools and Equipment Catalog - page 13

PMC® Advanced Kits
For the advanced PMC® artist. These kits
are available with or without a Rio kiln
(choose the 120-volt standard kiln,
bead-door kiln or no kiln). Ideal for
advanced production with PMC.
Purchase a PMC®
advanced kit with
a standard kiln, with
a bead door kiln or
without a kiln.
3M Tri-M-Ite® polishing paper assortment
Pocket needle file set, cut #2; set/6
PMC® greenware file; pkg/3
MIDAS® liver of sulfur; 8-oz. can
Sunshine® polishing cloth
Spray bottle
Palette knife
Double-ended carving tools; set/4
Rio single-barrel mini rotary tumbler
Stainless steel shot
Kiln glasses
Super Sunsheen™ burnishing compound; 1 qt.
Solderite™ shelf kit
Tweezers; 18"L
Half-round sanding sticks; set/6
Rio PMC® Tool Kit
This PMC® tool kit includes the tools you’ll need to begin working with PMC. Tools come in a
gray canvas pouch, keeping them separate from other metal clay tools to avoid contamination.
" bent burnisher
#6 soft taper-point chisel Colour Shaper™
Shrinkage ruler
Retractable scalpel
Paint/slip brush
Cool Roller and size-4 spacers
Roll-up pouch
Brass brush
Rio 120-volt standard kiln or
Rio bead-door kiln or choose
the kit without a kiln
PMC3™ clay; 25g
PMC3™ slip; 15g jar
Rio PMC® work surface
Rio PMC® tool kit
Rio 2-part mold compound; 1 lb.
Metal Clay Master Tool Kit
This artist’s bucket is packed with every hand tool the
metal clay artist needs.
Please Note:
Color of artist's
bucket may vary.
Rio work surface
Color-Quick thickness
guide set
CoolSlip; 4-oz. bottle
Slik Balm; 3.5-oz. tin
Knife-style agate burnisher
Acrylic work surface; set/2
Rio Cold Mold, 1-oz. jar; pkg/6
Artist’s bucket, square
Clay shapers; set/5
Soft Colour Shapers™; set/5
Half-round sanding sticks set;
Metal clay templates; set/3
Ceramic Shrinkage Stopper
set; #16–#19
Delight™ paper clay
modeling compound,
90-gram pouch; pkg/2
Makin’s Professional®
Ultimate Clay Extruder™
with discs
Pro-polish polishing pads;
3M sponge sanding pads
assortment; set/5
Murena-Sable premium
artist’s brush
Double-ended carving tools;
Makin’s® Mini Geo Clay
Cutters; set/12
Chi’ing Dynasty Stamp
master sheet
Klay Kutters circles; set/5
Klay Kutters squares; set/5
Klay Kutters ovals; set/5
Rio PMC® tool kit
One greenware file
Small steel hand brush
Spray bottle
Palette knife
Sunshine® polishing cloth
Steel utility tweezers
Steel ruler
Item #
With standard kiln
With bead-door kiln
Without kiln
Item #
Item #
tool ki ts
metal c lay tool ki ts
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