Rio Grande 2014 Tools and Equipment Catalog - page 12

5-amp plating rectifier
Magnetic stirring system with heat
Four 1,000ml Pyrex® beakers
Two copper anodes
Sunshine® polishing cloth
Four safety bottles
MIDAS® conductive paint
Electroforming solution; 1 qt.
12 pairs neolatex gloves
24-gauge copper wire; 1 lb.
12" glass stirring rod
MIDAS® electrocleaner mix
Plating thermometer
The MIDAS® Guide to Plating
MIDAS® Electroforming Kit
This kit includes the equipment and supplies you need to start electroforming
with great results.
E3 Etch™ Kit by Sherri Haab
Jeweler and author Sherri Haab brings “green” to etching! The E3 Etch™
kit uses new technology that helps you control your etching for more
professional results, and the electrolyte solution can be reused or easily
disposed of—better for your wallet and the environment!
High-tech electronic controller and power supply
Two electrodes
Copper sulfate; 2 oz.
Foam spacers; pkg/4
One copper square
One copper blank
Ready-to-use designs printed on E3 Etch
laser paper
Etching Kit
This kit contains everything you need to start etching with creative designs.
One plastic tray and one scribe
Package of six small brushes
Package of six large brushes for applying mordant or resist
Eight ounces of resist and one pint of thinner
One pint each of silver and copper mordants
Please Note:
Silver mordant contains nitric acid, and copper mordant
contains muriatic acid. See full details on page 594.
In partnership with
Anodizing Kit
Everything you need to start anodizing reactive metals (except
the metal itself) is included in this incredible kit. Find more
details on page 599.
Item #
Item #
Item #
A solid state micro anodizer
Two sets of color-coded
One stainless steel cathode
Mini grabber with niobium
TSP-PF electrolyte granules
Anodizing basket
Multi-Etch cleaning granules
Terrific Transfer tape
One brayer (hand roller)
One bone folder
One Soft Touch art knife
Complete instructions
One sheet of Spark Guard
mesh (prevents the cathode
and workpiece in the bath
from accidentally coming
into contact with one
another and causing an
electrical short)
Set of Mighty Mask sheets
(1 plain and 3 patterned
12" x 6" sheets, 2 patterned
6" x 6" sheets)
Item #
12 800.545.6566
tool ki ts
etching, elect roforming & anodi z ing ki ts
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