Meet the Demand for Lab-Created Diamonds

With the highest standard in quality, Renaissance™ lab-created diamonds are identical to natural diamonds by every measure—right down to the molecules. Attract younger buyers and explore brilliant new design options: Our selection of lab-created diamonds expands your clients' choices for white diamonds at a price point they'll love.

Real Diamonds. Unlike CZs or Moissanite, lab-created diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural diamonds, including a 10 hardness on the Mohs scale.

A New Price Point. Lab-created diamonds represent a new price point for your clients, midway between natural diamonds and other white gemstones. Now you can offer a diamond with better clarity and color for the price.

The Best of Both Worlds. Renaissance™ lab-created diamonds are grown in state-of-the-art laboratories, then cut and polished by hand—marrying modern innovation with traditional techniques.

Younger Buyers. Millennials are attracted to the value and the above-ground origins of lab-created diamonds. These diamonds widen your market without compromising your design quality.

Renaissance™ Certified. Each package of lab-created diamonds includes a Diamond Grading Report and a Certificate of Authenticity. Sizes 3mm and larger are laser-inscribed "Created" on the girdle.

Renaissance™ at Rio

Identical to natural diamonds in every way but how they're made, lab-created diamonds are an option that you and your customers can feel good about. Choose from 11 sizes of round, brilliant-cut lab-created diamonds. Available to Rio diamond-qualified buyers.

  • D-E-F bright-white color; VS clarity.
  • Sizes from 1mm–4mm (calibrated +/0.05mm).
  • Specially packaged to keep lab-created diamonds safely identified and contained.
  • Larger sizes available by special order.

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Created by Renaissance Diamonds Inc.

Renaissance Diamonds Inc. has been a leader in lab-created diamonds for more than 20 years. We're excited to partner with Renaissance in providing this brilliant new option to Rio Grande's customers.


Special packaging used for Renaissance lab-created diamonds, including a labeled packer and two gem boxes with view-top lids

Committed to a Safe Supply

Rio takes the integrity of our diamond sources very seriously, and we go to great lengths to ensure their safety and purity. All lab-created diamonds come directly from Renaissance in specially sealed packages, with diamonds calibrated to predetermined sizes. This allows us to sell you manufacturer-assembled packages, eliminating the need to weigh or handle these diamonds. In the case of a customer return, we have a separate designated area used for inspection. That means that we never have lab-created diamonds on the same tables or scales used for our natural diamonds.

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Lab-Created Diamond Help Center

These are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about lab-created diamonds. If you don't see what you're looking for, just give us a call at Rio.

Are Renaissance™ lab-created diamonds real?

Yes. They are identical to natural diamonds in every measurable way, with the exact same chemical composition, unsurpassed strength and dazzling optical qualities.

Are Renaissance™ lab-created diamonds flawless?

No. They are VS clarity, a designation defined by the GIA as having inclusions that are "observed with effort under 10x magnification, but can be characterized as minor." This clarity is considered desirable and better than eye-clean.

How are Renaissance™ lab-created diamonds created?

Renaissance starts with small slices of the raw material, called "diamond seeds." The diamond seeds are placed in special reactors, where a proprietary process causes carbon to grow one atom at a time. (Larger diamonds can require 600 hours of uninterrupted growth.) Once fully grown, the rough diamonds are cut and polished by hand, exactly the way the natural diamonds are.

How can I ensure that my lab-created diamonds don't get mixed up with my natural diamonds?

Rio has worked closely with Renaissance to develop special packaging that helps keep your lab-created diamonds contained and identified at all times. This labeled packaging is a great way to store your lab-created diamonds so that they're always physically separated from your natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds come packed in a box with a clear, hinged lid; the lid is marked with a grid, allowing you to easily count and manage your inventory without opening the box. Inside, the diamonds are held securely in place with a non-stick clear gel, which prevents the stones from shaking lose. When you're ready to set a stone, simply lift each diamond free with a pair of diamond tweezers. We recommend you keep the diamonds in their labeled boxes right up until the moment you use one. Then store the diamonds, in their packaging, in a special part of your studio that's away from the rest of your gems.

Do lab-created diamonds require any additional instructions or handling on the bench?

No. There is no difference between working with natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Is there a difference in selling jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds?

Yes. You must disclose when diamonds are lab-created. Beyond that, natural and lab-created diamonds can be sold and presented in exactly the same way.

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