Rapid Prototyping with the Ember 3D Printer from Autodesk

Rio and Autodesk have partnered to offer the new Ember, the first open source, production quality 3D printer. There's never been a better time to add affordable rapid prototyping to your jewelry production line.
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Ember 3D printer on a bench, part of a well-equipped shop.

Master Your Workflow

  • Design models you can put right into your customers' hands. They (and you) can see, touch and hold the design, turning it to view from every angle before approving it.
  • Create master models for your jewelry line that are ready to mold for making wax models.
  • Build models that come out ready to tree and cast with no further labor. With the Ember 3D printer, you can build up to 17 rings every two hours—that's about 100X faster than milling!
  • Do it all in-house…AND lower costs, increase production and avoid outsourcing.

Resolution. Accuracy. Precision. Reliability.

Produce your CAD-created designs quickly, precisely and affordably with the Ember 3D printer from Autodesk. You can test jewelry design structures, produce master models to review with clients or build direct-to-tree casting models like never before. With its open source design, once the free software is installed on your PC or MAC, the Ember accommodates all CAD file types and works with any photosensitive resin. Best of all, with the financing option available from Rio, there's never been a better time to put rapid prototyping to work for you!


Produce your jewelry design models with incredible detail thanks to the high-performance DLP® light projection system with 50-micron X-Y resolution and 10-micron layer thickness.


Build models that are accurate within 25 microns of the design you created thanks to finely calibrated all-glass optics.

Front view of Ember 3D printer


Designed to minimize the build stresses on even the finest structures, the Ember faithfully reproduces every detail of your jewelry design including cavities, undercuts and other complexities.


Long-life, 405nm LED light source delivers around 20,000 hours of service—that's more than two years if you're printing 24 hours a day!—and is readily replaceable to keep you going.

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This equipment is approved ONLY for use in commercial environments and should not be used in residential environments until such time as approval is granted for residential use.

Ember: The First Open-Source, Production-Quality Rapid-Prototyping Machine

In the Ember 3D printer, Autodesk has created the first open-source, production-quality rapid-prototyping machine. What does that mean?  The onboard computer features an open design and is not limited to proprietary software or resins. The free downloadable software works with any CAD program files and builds using any available resin on the market.


Ember 3D printer on a bench, part of a well-equipped shop.

See the Ember in Action

See for yourself how the new Ember by Autodesk can revolutionize your production from concept to casting. Go step by step with the designer as CAD designs are created, modified, built and cast to create final production pieces ready to sell.

Behold: Intricacy and Precision


Ember production package $7,495

• Autodesk clear standard resin, 1 liter.
• Two build trays.
• Two resin trays.
• One finishing kit, including:
 - scraper.
 - cutting mat.
 - nitrile gloves (50).
 - safety glasses.
 - tweezers.
 - watertight containers (2).

Lease to Own for as Little as

$172.39 /month

60 month term

$205.74 /month

48 month term

$261.73 /month

36 month term

$374.30 /month

24 month term

  • Your monthly rate will be based on your credit history and leasing terms and all lending decisions are made solely by our lending partner, ACG Equipment Finance.

Master Your Workflow With the Ember by Autodesk

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