Colorful Gemstones

Unique Gemstones for Customized Designs

Unique Gemstones for Customized Designs

Mirror your client's unique style with designer gemstones from Rio. These rare gemstones are painstakingly handcarved to create eye-catching centerpieces for one-of-a-kind designs.

A variety of hand-cut gemstones by Glenn Lehrer


Glenn Lehrer Gemstones

Glenn Lehrer, creator of the patented TorusRing™, TorusGem™ and Quasar™, is a self-taught gem carver and jewelry artist. His exceptional carving techniques present exciting opportunities in each handcut gemstone, with faceting that endlessly multiplies the light drawn from outside, flowing from curved facet to curved facet.

The TorusRing™ gemstone explodes the familiar model of the "expected" gem cut; it features a negative (inverted) faceted cone carved into the back of the stone, behind the bezel-set diamond in the center. The TorusGem™ features an open cut that allows jewelers to finish with any gemstone they choose.

Also with an inverted faceted cone carved into its back, the Quasar™ has a smooth, concave depression cut into the table of the stone. The negative space in the table creates a reflective effect on the light entering through the cone reminiscent of the center of a galaxy.

Setting the Stone in a Glenn Lehrer TorusGem™

Watch gem artist Glenn Lehrer demonstrate dapping techniques to create a bezel setting for your TorusGem™. Learn how to select size of stone, the tools you need and the step-by-step process.

A variety of hand-cut Vortex gemstones by Sherris Cottier Shank

Vortex™-Cut Stones by Sherris Cottier Shank

Vortex™-Cut Stones by Sherris Cottier Shank

Goldsmith Sherris Cottier Shank is among the world's most talented gemstone artists. Her Vortex™-cut gemstones capture and reflect light through curved grooves hand-cut into the pavilion from the girdle to the culet. The crown of the Vortex cut is smooth and rounded, similar to a high-dome cabochon. Viewed through this crown, the swirling cuts below present a vortex that draws the viewer's eye into what Sherris calls the "heart" of the Vortex gem. Sherris' goal is to produce gemstones that are "sleek, modern and mysterious." In the hypnotic irresistibility of the Vortex cut, she has succeeded.

A variety of hand-carved Galatea pearls

Handcarved Pearls by Chi Galatea Huynh

Handcarved Pearls by Chi Galatea Huynh

Created by renowned jeweler and designer Chi Galatea Huynh, these full- and half-drilled pearls begin within a pearl oyster. Once each pearl has grown to the desired size, it is harvested and meticulously handcarved with one of several designs unique to the Galatea Collection. The carvings are exquisite, adding depth and texture to the luminous beauty of the pearls. In Galatea’s latest masterpiece, a half-drilled Tahitian pearl reveals flashes of brilliant simulated turquoise beneath carved layers of black nacre. Strung in earrings, interspersed with smooth pearls, or suspended in a strand made entirely of these tiny works of art, the Galatea pearl is sure to be a favorite among your discerning clientele.