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Dear Rio Jewelers,

When it comes to making, you do some pretty incredible things. Like fan the spark of inspiration into a lovely three-dimensional object. Or nurture the seed of an idea into a blossoming business. That is amazing. You are amazing.

Speaking of fans, you’ve got some big ones at Rio. You’re the cream in our coffee and the honey in our tea, because you make every day a little richer and sweeter around here. Your hard work inspires us to work harder. So thank you. Keep blazing a trail, and we won’t ever stop trying to keep up with you.

Go forth and make everything. We’ve got your back.

Your Friends at Rio


Alan and Molly Bell

Thank You from Rio's President and Executive Vice-President

Your jewelry is an extension of yourself, a statement of your creativity! We're so glad we are able to help bring your ideas to life. It is always a joy and a pleasure seeing the products we provide to our customers out in the world, transformed by you! Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your creative expression and purpose—we share your passion for jewelry!

With gratitude,

Alan Bell and Molly Bell

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