B9 Core Series 530 3D Printer

The B9 Core Series by the Numbers

With an average build speed of 20–30 minutes per inch, this powerful 3D printer allows you to design, grow, and cast or mold in the same day!

Specification table for Core Series 530

Fast 3D Printing with Ready-to-Cast Resolution? That's the B9 Core Series.

Spend your time perfecting your jewelry designs, not your 3D printer settings. Ready to stop tinkering and start growing?

At last, jewelers can achieve “plug and play” 3D printing with the new B9 Core Series. An easy, intuitive setup will have you up-and-running in minutes, and you’ll grow models and molds faster than ever before. Best of all, you won’t sacrifice a micron of quality. Use the included Emerald resin to grow the highest-resolution, most castable molds and models of any machine on the market.

  • Resolution, speed and versatility are just a few of the ways the B9 Core Series earns its keep in your shop:
  • Grow at speeds up to 4X faster than industry average. Test your designs and get them to market in less time.
  • Create castable models with excellent resolution and surface finish. Save hours of labor on prep work and finishing steps.
  • Produce designs with virtually no limit to geometric complexity. Reduce the limitations to your creativity.
  • Use almost any resin or CAD software that generates .stl design files. Save money and use the products that best suit your designs.
  • Link multiple Core Series printers with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connectivity. Expand your productivity easily as business grows.
  • Patent-pending “plug and play” technology eliminates complex tuning and calibration. Free up time while creating repeatable designs.
  • Set up your machine in minutes, with minimal training. Eliminate the down time usually needed to learn complex machinery.
  • No maintenance agreements, service fees or high-cost materials. Save money, time and frustration.

  • Every B9 Core Series 3D printer includes:
  • 1kg Emerald resin for casting and molding.
  • Two DuraVat resin trays with lids.
  • A finishing kit with a variety of useful tools and supplies.
  • Free remote factory set-up assistance.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3D Printing in Action

What's it like to work with the B9 Core Series?
Watch this video and hear what other jewelers have to say about this next-generation 3D printer!

The Core Difference

The B9 Core Series* is the best 3D printer you can buy. Just compare the resolution, build area, print speed,  material costs and up-front cost to other machines on the market.

*A 50-micron unit, the B9 Core 550, is available by special order.

B9 Core 530
Miicraft 50
Asiga Pico 2 HD
EnvisionTEC Micro+ Hi ResTM
EnvisionTEC cDLMTM
XY Resolution
39.8 x 31.25µm (XY)
Est. Material Costs
Build Table Volume
57.6 x 32.4 x 127mm
57 x 32 x 120mm
71 x 40 x 76mm
45.4 x 28.5 x 75mm
45.4 x 28.5 x 75mm
Maintenance Contract
Optional $1,000–$2,000/year
Optional $1000-2000/year
Machine Cost

Ready, Set, Grow.

Ideal for rapid-prototyping design concepts or growing an entire run of detailed, direct-to-cast models.
Only the B9 Core Series delivers these features at a price that fits your business.


A touch-screen interface, coupled with intuitive software and push-button operation, is designed for ease of use. Scale up your operation by linking multiple B9 Core Series printers with built-in connectivity. It's that simple.


Grow hundreds of models in a typical work day! Powered by an industrial HD LED light engine, the B9 Core Series sets a new standard for production speeds—capable of exceeding 100mm per hour.

Front view of B9 3D printer


With built-in fume and odor filtration, the B9 Core Series is suitable for a variety of production environments, including your office. Improved resin vat capacity allows for hundreds of prints, so you spend more time growing and less time messing with resin.


The B9 Core Series' industrial-grade components stand up to extensive day-to-day operations. Tough, smart design allows you to print duplicate models without losing precious original details.


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Consumables and Accessories

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